Use of cells

Use of cells

In 2017 the companies Czech Gene Bank and Medical Centre of Prague fused and since then all services are secured through the Medical Centre of Prague.


The peripheral blood of adults contains only small amounts of hematopoietic stem cells compared to cord blood. The number of these cells decreases with age. This is why the regenerative potential of haematopoiesis and immunity weakens in old age. Furthermore our cells are also damaged during our lifetime by illness, medication, lifestyle or polluted environments.

The timely preservation of our own hematopoietic stem cells has many health benefits. It is surprising that this simple procedure is not part of the long-term health policy of developed countries. Formerly, bone marrow collection was organisationally and physically difficult but nowadays it is not. Surgical procedures were completely replaced by the use of separators to collect the blood. Collection is painless, is carried out as an out-patient and can be repeated as needed.

Hematopoietic stem cells have been used for the treatment of haematological and oncological diseases for more than 60 years. More and more studies are currently appearing focussing on the unique properties of stem cells in regenerative medicine, immunology and infectious medicine.