Peripheral blood stem cells

Peripheral blood stem cells

In 2017 the companies Czech Gene Bank and Medical Centre of Prague fused and since then all services are secured through the Medical Centre of Prague.

Stem cells are precious components of our blood.

Hematopoietic stem cells are the source of red and white blood cells. Red blood cells distribute oxygen, white cells play a role in our immune system. Hematopoietic stem cells ensure vital functions that are necessary for life.

The number of hematopoietic cells decreases with age. The cells are also damaged by diseases, lifestyle, polluted environment or even treatment.

Our project enables the collection and preservation of stem cells at a time when we are not yet burdened by age, illnesses, drugs etc., so the cells will be always available to us if required. With this preventative measure, we can improve our hematopoiesis and immunity according to our needs. Alternatively, you can use young preserved cells to subsequently increase immunity in the case of cancer or serious infectious diseases (eg. HIV).

Another important population of cells in the peripheral blood are mesenchymal stem cells. These are involved in the regeneration of injured and damaged tissue. (ex. muscles, cartilage) The number of these cells also decreases with age and therefore our ability for regeneration is reduced.

The timely preservation of stem cells gives us an opportunity to continuously complement and strengthen our regeneration potential.

The source of stem cells is bone marrow, where they are constantly mobilized according to the physiological needs of the body .The largest concentration of the cells is in the blood of new-born babies.

Thanks to modern technology it is now possible to catch even small numbers of stem cells in the peripheral bloodstream, therefore surgery is not necessary for stem cell collection from bone marrow.

For stem cell collection the Medical Centre of Prague (MCP) uses the most modern system in the world for apheresis (Spectra Optia). Terumo BCT's technology ensures the high efficiency of cell collection. Collection takes place as an out-patient and takes approximately 2-3 hours. Cells are processed immediately after collection and they are then safely preserved for a long period of time. Collection can be repeated according to individual requirements.

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