Company profile

Company profile

The Medical Centre of Prague was founded in 2008 as a private medical facility specializing in stem cells. The founder and guarantor of the project is Radek Klubal, M.D.   

During the first stage of the project we built our facilities to a high professional and technical level.

In the second stage of the project we established and implemented protocols for processing, cryopreservation and distribution of hematopoietic stem cells from umbilical cord blood (we received permission from SÚKL* in 2013) and from the peripheral blood of adults (permission from SÚKL 2014).
*SÚKL = State Institute of Drug Control

In 2017 the companies Czech Gene Bank and Medical Centre of Prague fused and since then all services are secured through the Medical Centre of Prague.

We are currently working on establishing treatment protocols for medical practice. We are focused on the use of hematopoietic cells in immunology for the treatment of immunodeficiencies, autoimmune diseases, chronic infections, cancers and in transplantation medicine.

An important facet of modern medicine is a regeneration process which is based on the unique properties of stem cells to rebuild damaged tissues.  Medical Centre of Prague’s project AVECELL received permission for treatment by mesenchymal stem cells in veterinary medicine in 2015. We believe that the results of this unique modern therapy will be used in human medicine in the future.

The laboratory of the Medical Centre of Prague is equipped with the most advanced technology (AXP®systémBioArchive®SpectraOptiaiScanBD FACS Canto™Cryomed, Cryoplus) which guarantees the highest possible standards. The technologies and protocols used ensure full compatibility with companies and partnerships in international professional structures (ISSCRISCTEBMTASHASFAESHGASHG).


Czech Television has made a programme for young people about our company and its stem cell project.

Summary of the programme: Stem cells were discovered in the early 80’s of the 20th century. Their ability to repair damaged body tissues still fascinates scientists and doctors. Mark and Michael investigate the miraculous properties of these cells and discuss why stem cell therapy is considered the treatment of the future.